Matthew B. Sellers
Aviation Pioneer 1869-1932


Matthew's Main Residence in Baltimore

My Grandfather Matthew was born here in 1869 and lived here throughout his life until he was married in 1918. His brother and sister, Samuel and Annabelle lived here until they passed away in the 1950's. This was Matthew's primary residence. His second home was in Grahn, Kentucky, where he did all his aeronautical experiments at his estate called "Blakemore". He would travel back and forth from Baltimore to Kentucky by train and then horse and buggy.

I had the opportunity to visit this historic home at 801 Arlington Avenue in Baltimore, MD while in Washington, DC for the first time in my life, as I was attending my father's burial at Arlington National Cemetery in October 2008. I was quite shocked at what I saw. I was amazed at how something that was once so beautiful could be let go and be on the verge of tear down. It brought tears to my eyes to have read Matthew's diaries and of how he played up on the third floor and conducted his experiments with everything.

Eli Pousson, Field Officer with The Baltimore Heritage, in partnership with the National Trust for Historic Preservation and I are looking for funding to bring this beauty back to life. After all she is on the National Registry of Historic Places. We need to preserve our history to its fullest in our Nation and this was one of the most beautiful mansions in her day.



 The following pictures were taken when I was in the area in October of 2008. I am sure she has fallen apart more since then. My only hope is that we can get the State funding to restore her before it is too late.
















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